The tale of the Elder’s Story is one that is widely known across the land. Long ago, the Elder Race ruled over Fortuna. Fortuna; a kingdom, with infinite boundaries. The Elder Race was far more advanced in thought than our greatest scholars, and they used their understanding to create Magitek.

Magitek fuses iron with magic to create a branch of knowledge that deals with the creation and use of technical means and their interrelations with life, society and the environment in the way of technological advancement. It is said that the Elder race became obsessed with advancement until it met it’s end through the destructive use of Magitek. Our ancestors sought to avoid the same fate as the Elder race. As civilization recovered from the Great Cotastrophie, the study of magitek was considered taboo. This was the case for many centuries until the Kojaro Empire ignored the plea of our ancestors, seeking advancement through any means possible.

In this current age, the Kingdom of Kojaro rules over Centra and is furthering the expansion of it’s northern, southern and western borders at a rapid pace. With the use of magitek, Kojaro has become a unstoppable force. As Kojaro expands, the ways of our ancestors find extinction. Their ancient teachings against magitek are thrown to the wind. This is the story of the Magitek Wars.

Final Fantasy: The Magitek War